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5 Tips desk setup while working from home

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Nowadays the time that we spend sitting in a chair seems to be more and more, and with the amount of time we spend in a chair it only makes sense that we have the most optimal set up to ensure our bodies are well protected.

So here are 5 important tips to consider if you are sitting at a desk for long periods of time!

  1. Make sure you have the right seat Just by having the right seat that supports you well means half the battle won already

  • Lumbar support - A good chair should have a lumbar support that aligns with you supporting the natural curve of your lower back. If you have a chair that has an adjustable lumbar support excellent! adjust it so it fits comfortably along your lower back. If not, don't worry! roll up a towel and position it between your lower back and the chair. Try experiment a few positions along the back and different thickness of the towel so that it feels most comfortable for you

  • Seat height - Your feet should be flat on the ground with knees at around 90-130 deg angle as seen in the picture below

2. Correct arm position

  • Ensure that your elbow rest just above the desk so that its parallel to the the ground, if you are finding this difficult try a chair with an adjustable arm rest

3. Desk Height

  • The optimal position if you are using a laptop or computer is for the top of the screen to be even with the horizontal line of sight as shown in the picture above

4. Taking regular breaks

  • Sitting for too long in the same position cause tension to build up in the muscles especially in the shoulders and neck. So remember to stand up, move around and stretch ever 30-40mins

5. Ensure you are relaxed!

  • With an optimal desk and chair setup, your body should feel relaxed. If you ever find yourself tensed up when you are sitting, take a few deep breaths and let your muscles go.

Contact us for any questions!

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