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Whether you're an elite athlete or a recreational player, at Breathe you will receive the highest level of evidence based physio management, together with our combined sports/exercise experience.

We're Olympic weightlifters, powerlifters,  cyclists, basketball and soccer players. We've worked with competitive to recreational athletes, both in Australia and overseas. 

We design exercise programs to help prevent injuries, or get you better at playing your chosen sport. We can also assess your strength training techniques, to ensure that you can keep lifting for longer, injury free. 


If you are injured, we provide a tailored rehabilitation plan to help you get back to your sport.

We specialise in ACL injuries. We've experienced ACL reconstruction ourselves, and have observed surgeons repair ACL and other knee injuries. So we know what it feels like and exactly what is needed to get you back to playing your favourite sport again.

Our practice is a fully equipped rehabilitation gym complete with squat racks, a cable system, upright bike, rowing machine, Pilates reformer and a range of other rehabilitation equipment.


Ankle sprains

Jumper's knee

ACL injuries


Shoulder pain

Knee pain

Low back pain


Ankle Sprains and Ankle Fractures

Groin strains

Hamstring injuries

Cork thigh

ACL rupture


Labral tear

Meniscal injuries

Osgood-Schlatter disease


The Breathe Physios have treated pro cyclists, football, volleyball, tennis, rugby and basketball athletes all over Brisbane, the UK and Europe. Our physios have a solid understanding of FIFA 11+ which is a world recognised injury prevention program for football athletes. Breathe physios are sportspeople ourselves - this means we've also suffered injuries from playing sports, so we know exactly how you feel.


All of this makes us one of the best sports physio practices in Brisbane.

Many local young developing volleyball and tennis players work with us to improve their functional strength, core stability and sport performance. We also help these amazing athletes to get back to their favourite sport after an injury.


Wrist injuries

Finger and hand injuries

Ankle impingement


Knee injuries

Hip flexor tightness

Neck & Back stiffness


Achilles rupture

Elbow injuries

Shoulder injuries


Thoracic stiffness

Golfer's elbow

Core activation

Maximise your performance

We are passionate about sports physiotherapy! We care about our athletes and want to see you succeed.


Being sportspeople ourselves, we understand the highs and lows of sport, and use this knowledge to influence our management.

On-field sport management

We are available for on field management for sporting clubs, providing triaging service and treatment.

We currently support soccer and touch rugby league (TRL) teams in the Brisbane area.

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