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A car accident can lead to injuries which require physiotherapy, the most common of which is whiplash.


Our Physiotherapists are experienced in treating motor vehicle accidents and have the skills to get you back to optimal health.

Let us take the hassle out of your journey to recovery. We liaise directly with the relevant insurer, and in some cases, your lawyer.


If you were injured in a motor vehicle while driving, as a passenger in a vehicle on the roads or as a pedestrian, you may be eligible for Physiotherapy which is covered by third-party insurance (CTP insurance).

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) can happen any time and can cause a lot of headache and grief. CTP insurance may cover for your Physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy After a Motor Vehicle Accident is crucial and can prevent long term spinal complications.

Not all symptoms will appear immediately after the accident, some symptoms and pains can develop a few days after the accident has taken place. The body often goes into ‘protection mode’ for safety to prevent further damage after an accident. Once the body starts to relax, the pain will become more apparent.

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You must have notified your insurance company of the incident, consulted with your GP and received a medical certificate and a claim number from your insurance company.


You will most likely need to pay the fee for your first 2 - 3 treatments in full and then claim this back from your insurance company at a more appropriate time.

We then contact your lawyers and the other insurer. Following insurer's approval of our treatment plan, you can commence treatment without having to pay.

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  • We assess your specific range of motion and other relevant objective measures.

  • We make a provisional diagnosis and comment on the relationship of the condition to the MVA.

  • We assess your functional ability.

  • We identify any barriers that may affect your recovery.

  • We develop a detailed treatment plan with specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals. We will outline timeframes for goals, and how outcomes will be measured.

  • We provide tailored self-management strategies to assist with your recovery at home.

  • We provide your lawyers with comprehensive treatment notes.

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Contact us

For more information on how our physiotherapists can assist with treating motor vehicle accident injuries, or what is involved in a car crash claim, contact Breathe Physio & Pilates today on (07) 3061 7128.

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