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Physio Coorparoo Services

Looking for expert physiotherapy services near Coorparoo? We’ve got you sorted.

Our Breathe Physiotherapists provide empathetic and excellent quality physiotherapy treatment. We follow the latest evidence based practice and deliver results to our clients.

Located less than 15 minutes drive from Coorparoo, Breathe Physio & Pilates is Brisbane’s leading physiotherapy practice.

We specialise in football, weightlifting, badminton and cycling sports injuries. If you need relief from back pain, neck pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, then we're your go-to physio.


If you’re after a Coorparoo physio team that you can trust, look no further.


Physiotherapy Coorparoo FAQs

Why choose Breathe Physio & Pilates?

Our physiotherapists love practising physiotherapy. It's a little nerdy, but we keep on top of the latest research and technology. Our physiotherapists have worked in a variety of different settings, including in elite sports and with people with disability (e.g. after amputation)

Our physiotherapists see a maximum of 40 clients a week, while other practices see up to 75. This means: we take time to prepare for your appointment; and our physios schedule weekly meetings to research your condition in-depth and bounce ideas off each other to help you achieve the best result possible. 

We value effective communication with our clients, your support team, and other health professionals. We are great listeners, and we focus on you throughout your entire appointment.

Why kind of services does Breathe Physio & Pilates offer?

We are experienced in treating all injuries and conditions. Neck pain, shoulder pain, ankle injuries, knee injuries, spinal conditions, lower back pain, TMJ - you name it. We are great sports physios, specialising in treating injuries from soccer, badminton, cycling, volleyball and weightlifting (because these are the sports we're passionate about!) Our special interest is working with amputees and athletes. We also provide pilates classes (both mat pilates and on the reformer), and have a range of equipment in our fully equipped gym area.


We are really passionate about helping people to achieve what may seem 'impossible'.

Do I need a doctor's referral to see Breathe Physio & Pilates?

The short answer is 'no'. You do not need a referral to see physiotherapists. But if your GP has given you a 'team care plan', please let us know when you're making your first appointment. 

If you're injured and covered by WorkCover, you will also need a medical certificate from your GP before you see us (it's called a Work Capacity Certificate). 

Ready to making a booking?

Call us on 3061 7128



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