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Physiotherapists use advanced techniques and evidence-based care to help people affected by injury, illness or disability. We assess, diagnose and treat a range of health conditions and movement disorders.

At Breathe Physio & Pilates, our holistic physiotherapy approach is based on a partnership between you and us. This starts with us knowing your story and understanding why you have come to us for help. Our physiotherapists use a range of tools and techniques to help you move better including manual therapy, exercise, education and advice.

Our physiotherapists have experience and expertise past their university degrees and are passionate about assisting you to achieve your wellness goals.

Find out what makes us the best physios in Brisbane.


Physiotherapists are qualified health professionals that can help with a range of conditions. Seeing a physiotherapist is a proactive way to obtain treatment for existing conditions and bring about long-term health benefits.

Our physiotherapists work to:

  • Manage or treat pain

  • Diagnose movement issues

  • Correct poor posture

  • Help you achieve long term health goals

  • Offer a professional opinion on an issue or potential issue

  • Help you remain active later in life

  • Assist you to maintain optimum fitness and movement for undertaking sport & physical activity.

Breathe Physio & Pilates have qualifications in Physiotherapy and other treatment areas and are registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia and are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. 

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Here's what you can expect from your session with a Breathe Physiotherapist.


During your consultation, we will review your medical history and assess your physical condition. Together we will discuss your goals and symptoms, and answer any questions you have. We will provide you with an accurate diagnosis before treating you to relieve discomfort and regain movement.

The time that you spend with our physiotherapists is an investment in your health and wellness.  We ensure that you understand the causes of your pain and help you to manage injury and prevent recurrence.


This is the active component of your recovery. Our physiotherapists have years of experience and thus a wide repertoire of skills including:

  • clinical reasoning, finding out the root cause of the problem

  • exercise prescription - tailoring the right exercises to you, at the right time of your recovery journey

  • form and technique correction for strength training and Olympic Weightlifting

  • manual therapy (including soft and deep tissue treatments, myofascial cupping, dry needling)

  • sports taping and kinesiotaping.


We will design a treatment plan for you that can be done at home or in the gym. Small group Pilates classes are also available.

Working with other health services

Our physiotherapists work closely with GPs, medical specialists, orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals to ensure a team approach to managing your condition.

Conditions Treated By Physiotherapy

  • Low back pain including sciatica

  • Hip pain & disfunction

  • Shoulder pain, including bursitis & rotator cuff dysfunction

  • Pre- & post surgery

  • Knee pain

  • Ankle injuries

  • Headaches & jaw pain

  • Posture related pain

  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum complaints

  • Women's Health issues, including incontinence & pain

  • Chronic illness, such as Parkinson's, Stroke recovery & Cancer recovery

  • Hypermobility

  • Scoliosis

We Can Help You Feel Better

Please contact us about physiotherapy treatments. Alternatively, book a treatment now via our online booking system.

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