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Pilates class in our brisbane south pilates studio. In this image our instructor is demonstrating a mat pilates exercise

Studio Pilates Classes

We get to know you individually.

Why choose us?


We have a unique approach to Pilates. We focus on tailored, small group classes (maximum of 6 people per class). This means you get more individual attention. 

We get to know our clients individually, and modify the exercises according to you. We also have the benefit of our physiotherapists' knowledge, and can consult with them if needed.


Our instructors regularly undertake further education to increase their knowledge and hone teaching skills. 

What kind of Pilates do we teach in the Studio? 


We believe building a strong foundation is crucial in Pilates. This is why we get you to practise Pilates mostly on the mat. We may add in props such as balls, rings and bands to challenge you. Occasionally we'll use the Reformer and Wunda Chair in circuit work. You will enjoy a great workout, walk away with a better posture and a clearer mind. 


Classes are currently run on Wednesdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 9.45am. Max class size is 6 ppl.

Private Classes

We also offer 45 minute private classes delivered at a time that's suited to you. This is ideal if you're recovering from an injury; or if you'd like the extra individual attention. We work closely with our physios to ensure the exercises are appropriately tailored to you.


The classes are $55 and are not covered by private health. To book, please call us on 3061 7128.


Increase muscle tone in arms, lower back, abdominals and legs


Increase core strength, stability, co-ordination and posture


We will show you modifications so you can work at your own level


Small groups of 6 : 1

Cost (private health not available)
Studio Pilates (max. 6 per class - 1 hr)
$ 30 per class or 10 classes for $280 (valid 6 months)

Private Reformer / Mat Pilates - 45m
$ 55


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