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strength and conditioning
on-field sports physio

A recent study showed that injury prevention not only benefits the athletes themselves but also brings economic savings for clubs.

Being passionate sportspeople ourselves, we provide on field management for sporting clubs, offering a triage of services and treatment.

We can be hired for club games, events and sporting carnivals. We can also be hired to come in during training and treat/manage injuries that may have developed on gameday.

As sportspeople ourselves, we understand the importance of a rapid and accurate diagnosis. Being there at the scene, we can facilitate the recovery process immediately and ensure the earliest and safest return to sport possible.

Although injury management is one of our major services, we also focus on injury prevention. This involves preparing our clients for gameplay in the best possible manner, with techniques such as massage, Theragun myofascial treatment and dry needling all provided by professional our team. 

We currently provide professional phsyio support for Soccer, OzTag and Touch Rugby League (TRL) teams in the Brisbane area.

Teams & Associations

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