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Winnie Lu

Physiotherapist & Director


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Being a sports physio has given me amazing experiences - from working as a physiotherapist during the Haute Route Race (an elite cycling race based in the French and Swiss Alps, where I worked with coaches, ride leaders, bike mechanics and of course elite amateur cyclists), to the British Transplant Games where I was the physio for transplant recipients competing in one of the largest charity events in the UK. 

These experiences have deeply influenced my physiotherapy practice, which I believe should not only be limited to fixing or preventing injuries, but also having a positive impact on the world around me. I want to empower people I encounter each day by showing them how to move well and gain confidence in their body. I don't mean to change the way they look or create a body that fits the social norm of beauty or strength. Instead, I'd like the people I'm helping to find safety, security and confidence in their own bodies. I would like to acknowledge bodies that have been through chronic pain, permanent injuries and significant traumas. I hope with my help, you can have a new found respect and a close relationship with a body that has scars, yet still capable of healing. 


One of my special interests is working with lower-limb amputees to help them return to sports. I have helped my amputee clients to engage in CrossFit games, paralympic ice hockey, and wheelchair rugby league. I'm also involved with several football teams, including working with Indigenous Australian football players from the SEQ Serpents Football Team. This has given me a wealth of knowledge and extensive experiences treating specific football injuries such as ACL, groin and hamstring strains and complex ankle sprains. 

I'm an avid cyclist, runner and Olympic Weightlifter. I went through ACL reconstruction in February 2022, so I know what it feels like to have a serious sports injury and the mental stress that often comes with injuries.

My areas of interest in physiotherapy include:


  • ACL and knee injuries, including injury prevention

  • football injuries, including injury prevention

  • lower limb amputees, specialising in return to sports

  • cycling injuries, including injury prevention

My article discussing the effect of western acupuncture on treating shoulder injuries has been published in the AACP Journal. I'm proud of the practice we have built, with thoughtfully designed spaces and exercise equipment. We're always innovating and using technology such as VALD ForceDecks to help with our treatment.


I sincerely hope that when you arrive for physiotherapy at Breathe, you will feel welcomed, encouraged and supported. 

Available: Mon - Sat

Winnie Lu: Our Team
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