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Meet The Team

ACL Brisbane Physio | Sports Physio

Winnie Lu



Pilates Instructor specialised in rehab | Brisbane, Australia

Shirley Tong

Pilates Instructor 

Practice Manager

Clinic Support Dog


Client Care Specialist

Pats Patrol

Breathe Mission

“Our mission is to provide outstanding physiotherapy services that consistently support and empower our patients every session every single day.”


Breathe Values 
when treating our patients


We believe an individual’s condition or injury is the result of a combination of factors. This includes their lifestyle, environment, occupation, baseline physical and mental health. This means we do not just treat the injury, but we look at the person as a whole.


We value active listening skills. We believe a major component of our practitioner’s effectiveness is our listening skill. If we really listen to the patient, we will find out the root cause of their problems.


We provide our patients with evidence-based care, and strive to continuously grow and improve our practitioner knowledge and skills.

Breathe Culture

reflects our behaviour and how we treat our colleagues


  • Being curious, interested and open to new ideas 

  • Seeking better ways to improve our systems and technology

  • We value diversity, taking initiative  and focus on our collaborative achievement

  • Everything we do at Breathe we do it to accomplish one goal: our Mission.

  • We are kind, respectful and approachable to each other 

  • We assume best intent and show empathy

  • We aim to have high capacity for self-awareness 

  • Demonstrate integrity by DWWSWWD: Do What We Say We Will Do

  • Owning our mistakes and taking remedial action when needed

  • Provide a light-filled, clean and tidy environment for our patients and each other

  • Regardless of our roles at Breathe we share all household tasks

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