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How to find the best physio in Brisbane

The best physio in Brisbane is the physio that works best with you.

What do we mean by this? Think about the people that you take advice from, those whom you approach in times of need. Who are these people and what do they have in common?

I bet you would answer something along the lines of: 'because I trust them'; 'they listen'; 'they give advice that works for me'.

It's the same when it comes to physiotherapy. A physiotherapist may be the most knowledgeable person in the profession on your particular condition, but if you don't trust them, then there's no way that physiotherapy delivered by them will work for you.

A lot of the work to establish trust with a client is done by the physiotherapist. The most important trait of a good physiotherapist is that they ask a lot of questions about your condition or injury, and that they actively listen to your responses.

Why? It's just like building a house. Without a great foundation, a house is never going to be built properly and will probably collapse. Without a deep understanding of the client, why did they get injured, what things they are doing to help or exacerbate the injury, and whether they're likely to do exercises and how often, there is no way to target physiotherapy to best help that client.

The next great characteristic of the 'best physio' is the way they communicate with you. The same message, delivered in different ways, can have phenomenal consequences on the person receiving it. For example, when my father was in hospital, I've had many different doctors tell me that he should limit his fluid intake. But somehow, the message just didn't sink in. But when another doctor came in, he clearly outlined why he should be on fluid restriction, what the fluid was doing to his organs and how he could best limit fluid intake, it suddenly clicked. This is exactly the same when it comes to physiotherapists. The best physio is the one that can clearly explain the problem to you, in a way that you'll understand. The most adept communicator will also adjust the way they talk to clients so that they tailor the message to suit the individual.

These two features in a great physio are likely to lead to trust. And once there's trust between the physio and the client, magic happens. The client will really listen to the physio's advice and they're more likely to get better, faster.

And this is why at Breathe Physio & Pilates, we not only train our physiotherapists in how to use clinical reasoning and the best techniques, but we also train them on how to communicate, establish rapport and build client trust. Does this make a difference to our treatment? You bet.

If you'd like to book an appointment with us, jump online, or call us on 3061 7128. We'd be glad to help.

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