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The No. 1 reason why you have wrist pain from push ups or handstands

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Are you experiencing wrist pain from sitting hours in front of a computer typing away? Or are you trying to get in shape during isolation and doing more push ups resulting in sore wrists?

Whichever is the reason, let's discuss why you may be experiencing wrist problems and what are some ways you can fix them!

Before we begin, if you are experiencing wrist pain that is persistent even at rest, have had a recent fall and heard a pop or tear, or if you are feeling any numbness or tingling sensations going down your hands, we would strongly recommend you to visit your doctor or physiotherapist for professional advice.

Check your mobility

The no. 1 reason why people experience wrist pain or soreness when performing push ups or handstands is poor wrist mobility. Your wrists should be able to perform 90 degrees of flexion and extension as shown below to train safely without injuring your wrists.

The Pole PT. (2017, January)

If your wrists are unable to go to 90 degrees don’t worry! Below we have demonstrated a series of exercises to help improve your range. It’s important not to rush through the exercises. Though many people recommend being on your hands as much as you can to build wrist conditioning, it's important to build up to it gradually to prevent injuries, especially if your wrists are already in pain.

Also If you have wrist pain, it may also mean that you haven't warmed up your wrists enough before the exercises. The following exercises are also important to do before any activity that put the wrists through a large amount of load.

Best exercises to fix your wrist pain

Here is our physiotherapist Jackie demonstrating some of the best exercises to effectively improve your wrist mobility.

Take 5-10mins out of the day to perform these exercises daily and before your workout

Finger pulses - 15 reps

Reverse Palm elbow rotations - 15 reps

Backward palm rocks - 15 reps

Around the world 8 circles each direction

If you are not improving after a couple of weeks of doing these wrist mobility exercises, you may need a more in-depth assessment of the structures surrounding your wrist by a doctor or physiotherapist.


The Pole PT. (2017, January). Handstands: 3 reasons your wrists hurt + how to fix it![Photograph]. The Pole PT.

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