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How to improve your golf game 🏌️

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

When it comes to golf, in order to improve your golf swing we need to work on 2 critical factors, flexibility 🤸🏼 and strength 🏋🏼

Here we have one of our clients Des demonstrating some exercises working on core control, thoracic mobility, hip strength, and shoulder strength and control.

Core control: Our core is the foundation of all our movements, without a strong core, it will be like building a house on top of sand. Training the core allows the body to become more stable allowing for improved precision and control when hitting the ball. These are some great exercises to assist in training for a stronger core:

Single leg bridging

Bird Dog

Thoracic mobility

Without enough thoracic mobility, it limits the arc of the swing, causing overactivity of your shoulders and hips to hit the ball. This results in decreased strength and ball distance. Good thoracic mobility is to be able to turn your body when sitting 80-90 degrees left and right. if you find yourself restricted in your thoracic mobility follow along with these exercises!

Thoracic mobility with golf club

Shoulder strength

To improve your golf game, improving your shoulder strength is a no brainer. But what we need to think about is what type of exercises will be more beneficial. Because the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the whole body, so it is important to strengthen the stabilising muscles in the joint, AKA our rotator cuffs. Similar concept to the core, for improved strength, we must first have a stable base. The first exercise demonstrates how to strengthen the rotator cuffs. Following after is our low rows with a resistance band, aiming to strengthen the shoulder and back muscles.

Shoulder external rotation

Low rows with resistance band

Remember that these exercises are meant to be for a guide only, if you have pain or restrictions with these exercises you may need to consult your Physio or feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Want to improve your golf game? Try out some of these exercises!

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