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Knuckle Pocket Physio

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Today we will be discussing the Knuckle Pocket Physio and its applications in the realm of soft tissue management. In particular, we will be focusing on its application into Myofascial Syndrome.

Myofascial Syndrome:

Anatomical image of back and abdomen muscles with the trigger points for each muscle highlightedf
Trigger Points

What is Myofascial Syndrome:

Myofascial syndrome is a common clinical condition where patients present with muscle pain related to Myofascial Trigger Points. Now, you may be wondering what exactly Myofascial Trigger Points are. Myofascial trigger points are mostly commonly known as a 'knot' in the muscles. These knots can present anywhere within the soft tissue of the muscle, with common areas including the:

- Neck

- Chest and shoulders

- Gluteals

- Quadriceps

- Hamstrings

- Calves

Clinically, Myofascial Trigger Points are described as a hypersensitive nodule within the muscles.

Effects of Myofascial Syndrome:

The effects of Myofascial Syndrome can vary from patient to patient. However, there are some clear muscular effects that can occur. Studies conducted into the physiological effects of Myofascial Syndrome include reduced muscular strength, increased activation of muscles adjacent to the trigger point, increased muscle fatigue and a modification of kinematic chain movements. However the most common presentation of Myofascial Syndrome we see is tight and sore muscles.

How to treat Myofascial Syndrome:

Pocket physio -  a product great for trigger point physio
Pocket Physio

Local Ischaemic Compression:

Ischaemic compression is the application of pressure to active trigger points to create an immediate relief of pain and suppress Myofascial Trigger Points. The pressure applied to the trigger point momentarily starves the skeletal tissue of oxygen. When the pressure is released, the hypoxic (deoxygenated) tissue is stimulated to dilate blood vessels, resulting in an increase in blood to the trigger point. This results in a reduction of the trigger point and also pain relief.

Knuckle Pocket Physio - Trigger Point Relief!

Through the use of our Knuckle Pocket Physio, we can induce our own ischaemic compression to any trigger points on our body! Here are some examples.

How does the Knuckle Pocket Physio work:

Gluteus Medius:


How do I know if the Pocket Physio could be useful for me?

Our physiotherapy team here at Breathe Physio and Pilates specialise in musculoskeletal conditions. Through an initial consultation with one of our experts, we can identify any trigger points you may have and their contributions to pain and/or dysfunction. Here at Breathe Physio and Pilates, we treat the individual, not just the injury. This includes patient-specific goals which are designed to motivate treatment and produce individualised functional outcomes. We can teach our patient the appropriate trigger point management techniques, including advice and education on how to get the very best out of Pocket Physio use!

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