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How good is your reaction?

Last week we talked about the core sliders, this week we will be talking about the PTP reaction ball!

This photo shows the PTP Fitness product - Reaction Ball - a lime coloured ball to train your reaction time
PTP Reaction Ball

What is reaction time and why bother?

Reaction time is defined as the time taken to for an electrical signal evoked by sensory stimuli to travel to the brain, for this signal to be processed, and then for the response signal generated by the brain to travel back down the spinal cord and to the rest of the body.

Reaction time is dependent on the brain's ability to integrate sensory information and generate an appropriate motor response in the shortest time possible.

Therefore, the faster reaction speed you have, the faster your brain is able to process information and perform movements.

Having a fast reaction speed is crucial for sport players wanting to improve their game, but it also plays a significant factor of injury prevention. Having a good reaction may be the difference between having a fall and hitting your head, compared to walking away with a bruise on your bottom. So, reaction time is important for everyone!

Click here for a free reaction time test to see how yours is!

Now comes the big question, how do we improve reaction time?

Like most things, in order to improve you need to practice! The same thing goes here. Through continuing to test your reaction time, you will strengthen the neural connections within your brain and increases your nerves impulse conduction. As a result, not only will you be able to integrate the information faster (and therefore generate a faster response), you will be able to get the sensory stimuli to your brain quicker, and send the brain's response to your muscles more efficiently.

So this is where the reaction ball comes in handy. With the assistance of this equipment through the six-sided design, it creates an erratic bounce when the ball hits a firm surface helping improve your performance to the next level. It aims to train your reaction time, speed, agility and hand-eye coordination.

Below we have some videos to show you some examples of how to use the reaction ball!

Single Leg Wall Ball Throws

Balance Board Wall Throws:

Functional Task - Dribbling:

Loboki. (2020). PTP reaction ball [Photograph]. Loboki.

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